• Gutes Bier für gute Menschen!
  • UPS bringt es zu deiner Haustür!
  • Oder holt es ab beim Hofverkauf!
  • Gutes Bier für gute Menschen!
  • UPS bringt es zu deiner Haustür!
  • Oder holt es ab beim Hofverkauf!
Summer Tasting Pack 2022 - 6 bottles

Summer Tasting Pack 2022 - 6 bottles

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Lebendige KULTUUR im Glas. Wir haben euch ein exklusives Tasting Paket aus unseren letzten Abfüllungen zusammengestellt. Viele davon haben mehrere Monate im Holzfass vor sich hin gereift. Oder sind Kräutern veredelt. Alle Biere und Cider sind trocken und fruchtig.

Living KULTUUR! We have assembled an exclusive tasting package. Many of the drinks are fermented in wooden barrels. Some where finished herbs. All our beers and ciders are dry and fruity. Depending on the recipe they are sour, bitter or herbal. We are always focused on sustainable and (supra-)local collaboration. This package represents everything that we stand for: Elegant beers, that are not screaming but have a lot to say!

Spontaan - Coolship Beer 75cl

Spontaan is brewed with organic malt and oats that grew next to the brewery. We used the last cold night of the brewing season 2019/2020 to cool down the beer in the coolship. The natural microorganisms settled in the beer and caused a spontaneous fermentation. After 22 months in red wine barrels, we blended the beer and re-fermented it in bottles. The beer shows notes of blood orange, wood and red wine. Bottled February 2022, 710 bottles.

Aoltbeer no. 12-2021 75cl

Aoltbeer aged on green walnuts from our families tree. The beers in this blend matured on average for 20 months in red wine and Cognac barrels. In this time the beer developed its herbal and wine-like character. Blend no. 12-2021 is a complex beer with an interplay of bitterness and sourness.

Aoltbeer no. 01-2022 75cl

Our Aoltbeer is inspired by the historic sour beer of Münster, Westfalen. The beers in this blend matured on average for 13 months in red wine barrels. In this time, the beer developed its wine-like character. Batch no. 02-2022 shows wet stone, quince and pamplemousse. Bottled April 2022, 740 bottles.

Stadt Land Bier no. 01-2022 75cl

Stadt Land Bier is our canvas for an easy drinking Saison. This batch was brewed with organic malts, German Tettnanger and British East Kent Goldings wholecone hops. Fermented with our houseculture and moderately dry hopped.

Appelwien no. 05-2021 75cl

Spontaneous farmhouse cider made from fruits of local orchards. 100% field blend of apples, pears and medlars. Fresh, fruity and with a pronounced acidity. Fermented in a Pinot Blanc tonneaux for seven months. Harvest of 2021, batch no. 05-2021.

Plaseer 2021 75cl

Plaseer Freude, plaisir, joy, vreugdePiquette from late pressed fruits and lemon verbena from our family garden. For this concoction, the pomace is mixed with our well water, macerated for three days and then pressed again. Fresh, fruity and with a natural carbonation. Creation by Ann-Sophie and Nicole.