Apple Juice 2023 Grosse Gewächse 75cl

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Applejuice (apples, quinces, pears) 2023 Grosse Gewächse 75cl
Big trees - big work.

And this year it was particularly wet!

We made this juice from the same fruit that we use for our wines. So only perfect fruit and that's how this juice should taste. Simply delicious and a full taste of summer! Apples are the drums of the orchestra, quinces and pears are the strings.

The 2023 vintage was a borderline experience in many respects. Let's stick to the main things. Yield and weather were a desaster. We missed the rain for years, and then it came day after day. Jersey and sun hats morphed into rain boots and jackets. At one point we could see the carp swimming in the grass. Years to remember.

This limited treat was a great pleasure last year. The work is equal to the cost of one of our wines. We could not and cannot put a price on it. Just like last year, you can decide what it is worth to you.

We hope you enjoy it!