Cellar Family Membership

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Let’s become part of our Cellar Family. Since our foundation our beers and ciders are enjoyed in the park, at garden parties or for dinner. More often we got asked to make it easier for you to keep track on current releases. With the Cellar Family membership you’ll always get the latest releases, from time to time vintage bottles and our beloved classics. Six bottles per shipment. And this three times per year! From the farm to your home.

With your choice to become a member of the Cellar Family, you value our work in a more plannable manner. Our beers take up to 4 years of work from the field to the brewery. From grain to glass. For cider that’s a multiple of years. From high-standard trees to high-standard cider.

It’s a great gift to yourself or for a friend. And no matter how. Enjoy our products in great company.

We like to sum up the benefits of your membership:

  • NO FUZZ. Reoccurring shipments, so you don’t miss out on a release.
  • FREEDOM. If you want to skip a shipment – no problemo.
  • BULK UP. Save compared to individual purchases. No shipping costs added within Germany.
  • OPENNESS IS THE NEW EXCLUSIVITY. We don’t believe in the inaccessibility of drinks or the production of artificial scarcity. If you feel to drink a second bottle, you can - by visiting our retail and restaurant partners.
  • 3 tasting packages of 6 bottles each.
  • New releases and vintage bottles. Minimum of four barrel-aged beers or ciders per pack.
  • With your appreciation we invite you to our annually end of harvest feast.
  • We inform you in time to renew your membership for the next period.


The membership consists of three curated packages which should be delivered to you within the time of 12 months. Given that our products are artisanal fermentation products we cannot guarantee a fixed delivery plan, like every 4 months. There is the chance that it could take 5 months or that the next package is ready earlier. If there is a shortage of a specific filling, we have the freedom to substitute it with a filling of similar or higher value. You must be of legal drinking age in your country. Shipping within Germany is included. Shipping to other countries at extra cost or collection from the farm is possible.