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The year is coming to an end and we all want to celebrate the fruits of the harvest. The highs and challenges of the year. The festive weeks before the new year. The last days of the year. By yourself or together in good company.

We have assembled an exclusive tasting package of special vintages. Two of them which are sold out since quite some time - Aoltbeer 'cassis' and Mandarina. And two of them are greatly special by its fruit and barrel - Aoltbeer 'sloe berries' and 'pinot blanc'.

We are sure you enjoy these bottles as much as we do.

Aoltbeer no. 03-2022 'cassis'

Aoltbeer is the historic beer of Münster. The beers in this blend matured on average for 12 months in redwine barrels. In this time, the beer developed its fruity and wine-like character. For this blend no. 03-2022, we picked cherries ourselves and used blackcurrants from organic farmer Maria Plagge. Bottled July 2022, 910 bottles.

Serve it a breakfast: Cold roastbeef, tongue and horse radish.

Mandarina 2022

Mandarina is a blend of barrel-aged Saison beers. Brewed with organic barley, wheat malt and spelt. Generously hopped with european aroma hops. The beers in this blend matured on average for 16 months in red wine and Cognac barrels. This blend shows beautiful aging notes but still offers the summery freshness of orange peels, macerated Scheurebe and ripe apples. Bottled April 2022, 640 bottles.

Pairs well with an orange fennel salad with hazelnuts and olive oil.

Aoltbeer no. 05-2022 'sloe berries'

This Aoltbeer with foraged sloe berries matured for 18 months in a big Port pipe and the second part in red wine barrels. In this time, the beer developed its bold and oxidative character full of dark fruits, wood and muscovado. Bottled August 2022, 900 bottles.

It's a beer which is standing out by its flavors and deserves a strong dish. Deer or other game roasts or if you are a bit experimental lobster with a strong reduction.

Aoltbeer no. 08-2022 'pinot blanc'

Aoltbeer is the historic beer of Münster. To this small batch no. 08-2022 we have added organically grown Pinot blanc from piri naturel (Nahe). After two months of maceration in the beer, we pressed the concoction and let it mature in barrels for one year. Bottled December 2022, 900 bottles.

Its a delicate blend which pairs well with a delicate dish. Try Pierogi with sour cream and dill.