Winter Tasting Package 23/24 - 6 bottles 75cl

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Living KULTUUR! We have assembled an exclusive tasting package of our last vintages. Many of the beers and ciders were fermented in wooden barrels. All of them are dry and fruity. Depending on the recipe they are sour, bitter or herbal. We are always focused on sustainability and collaboration. This package represents everything that we stand for: Elegant beers, that are not screaming but have a lot to say!

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Smauk is a dark Sour Ale brewed with oak smoked malts from Vloermouterij Masterveld. After 14 months in barrels this beer came out with notes of bitter chocolate, wood and blood orange. Bottled August 2022, 1100 bottles.

Stadt Land Bier

Stadt Land Bier is our canvas for an easy drinking Saison. This batch was brewed with our own organic malt and Cascade and Saazer wholecone hops. Fermented with our houseculture and moderately dry hopped. This batch is now fresh and bitter with dominant grass and citrus notes. May develop complimenting sourness over the next months.

Aoltbeer Blend no. 08-2022 Pinot blanc

Aoltbeer is the historic beer of Münster. To this small batch no. 08-2022 we have added organically grown Pinot blanc from piri naturel (Nahe). After two months of maceration in the beer, we pressed the concoction and let it mature in barrels for one year. Bottled in December 2022, 900 bottles.

Aoltbeer Blend no. 10-2022 mirabelle

It matured on average for 15 months in red wine barrels. For this small blend no. 10-2022, we harvested organic mirabelles from our orchard. Tastes acidulous, refreshing and leaves a slightly jammy taste. Bottled December 2022, 800 bottles.

Aoltbeer Blend no. 02-2022

The beers in this blend of Aoltbeer matured on average for 13 months in red wine barrels. In this time, the beer developed its wine-like character.


Hanni is a blend of fresh Saison, barrel-aged Aoltbeer and local honey. It shows notes of summer flowers, spices and has a balanced acidity. Beer with taste evolution in the bottle. Batch no. 01-2023